Summer is a great time to encourage our children to grow closer to God.

Below are some activities available during the summer. All events are open to the community. We welcome guests and encourage children to bring a friend.

Family Week | August 5 –  8, 2018

Family Week is a joint effort by Bethel Lutheran Church and Atonement Lutheran Church in early August, offering a fun, faith-filled opportunity for both children AND adults. Family Week will take place form 5:30 – 8 pm, and the cost is FREE! There are fun, faith nurturing lessons and activities offered – all are age appropriate.

Students: Preschool through those that have completed 5th grade

Group Leaders: 6th – 12th grade students

Adults of all ages are encouraged to attend! 

We can’t pull off Family Week without your help! Please consider donating your time, snacks or craft supplies.

Summer Kids BLAST

NEW THIS SUMMER! Summer Kids BLAST is for ages 3-7 and will be held during 9:30 worship. Children will have a 20 minute Bible lesson followed by playtime on the playground. Continues through September 3.