Welcome guests and visitors.  We are delighted you are here!  Feel free to attend and get involved as opportunities that interest you arise.  Please schedule a “get to know you,” conversation with Greg Van Dunk.

You are very important to us.  Three times a year (Fall, Winter and Spring) we invite guests to participate in a group we call, “Intro to Growth (Faith Journey)”.  This is a pathway into our community that allows you to meet other new people, grow in faith and think about how you would like to be involved.

“Intro to Growth (Faith Journey)” is not a new member class but we ask all those interested in in membership to give a group a try.  A “no-guilt opt out,” invitation is offered at week 3.  We’ve involved about 120 families in groups the past 7 years.  Nearly all find that they like the experience and stay connected for the entire session (normally 6-8 weeks).

For families interested in membership we offer a 2-hour orientation three times each year during the fall, winter and spring.

Still got questions? Contact the church office (info@at-onechurch.org or 414-422-0400) or consider joining us for the next Faith Journey session!

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