Welcome to Breeze, a new church database/communications tool to help us stay connected with you and with each other. These are uncertain times and our church staff is doing it’s best to enhance digital communication. One way we believe we can enhance this now is through Breeze which will allow you – church members – to manage and update your church profile information and connect with fellow members.

While we want to facilitate communication between members of our community, we respect your privacy. You can see more of your information than other people can; others can just see your name, photo, members of your family, and basic contact info (name, phone, email, and mailing address)—the info you would see in a church directory.

Information about Breeze, it’s value for our church are below. Based upon our best records, members with email on file should have received an invitation email to join. If you are a member and did not receive an email, there is a link below where you may sign up for a profile.

If you have questions please email chris at chris@at-onechurch.org or Pr. Kevin at kevin@at-onechurch.org. In the busy times, we will do our best to provide response to questions as promptly as we are able.

Breeze Welcome Video – How to get set up