September 15 COVID 19 Update

Our illustrious council met on September 15 and I’m excited to announce that the church doors will open the week of Sunday September 27.  Now before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s our COVID 19 update.

For now, worship continues outdoors at 9:15 and 10:45AM.  Online worship will continue to be posted at 6:00AM every Sunday morning.  On Tuesday September 29 our Executive team will meet to consider limited capacity indoor worship at 8:00AM.  Creating a plan for indoor worship will be encouraged by carefully following these small group safety guidelines. 

1.  You must schedule your group with Kara Mendez at least 2 days in advance. 262-744-5602.  Dates and times may be reserved well in advance. 

2.  Wear masks at all times indoors. 

3.  Keep at least 6-feet of physical distance from other individuals.

4.  No coffee, other beverage or refreshments. Please do not bring in items. The kitchen is closed. 

5.  At the conclusion of your meeting, wipe down all surfaces touched during your meetings.

6.  Groups will only meet in the fellowship hall using tables pre-arranged at physical distance. 

What has changed to allow us to move indoors?  We had our highest number of infections in WI on September 13. Why are we now granting building access?  Our respect for the virus has changed.  Our commitment to follow safety protocols has been confirmed by our experience of outdoor worship.  Our commitment to be disciplined to mitigate the spread of the virus through wearing masks and physical distance has been established. 

Thank you to HOSTs and leaders for our more than 20 small groups.  Your ministry is vital! If your group does choose to meet “mask to mask,” indoors remember that not everyone will be comfortable.  For their sake also have a regular ZOOM online meeting at least monthly in addition to your regular schedule.  It is good to be the church with you!