COVID 19 Update (As of June 4, 2020)

We’re excited to update our church COVID 19 protocols today. Our church officers have created safety practices for small group outdoor gatherings at church which begin immediately. Thank you especially to Jeanne Coughlin, Joy Alber and Kurt Traeder for  rolling up their sleeves and creating this plan.  Our church building remains closed but small groups may gather at our outdoor patio, our playground and Outdoor Worship Center.  Please follow the safety protocols that we have prepared. They are available at our website.  Let us help with any questions.  We continue to carefully evaluate procedures for larger group gatherings and worship. The next step will be outdoor worship, we hope in July.  With that said, our council’s decision-making is determined by data, not dates. While we all want to be over this and move on, the testing data regarding prevalence of the Corona Virus in SE WI will direct our next steps. We’re excited to announce that on Sunday June 21 we will be streaming worship with Holy Communion from our sanctuary available on demand on Sunday mornings.  I want to thank Christopher Kent, Katy Klinnert and Marr’lo Parada for extensive work to make this happen. 

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