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We communicate a lot of activities and events through e-mail. If you are not receiving Children and Family Ministry e-mails or you want to add/change your e-mail please let Anne or Kara know. We want to be sure you are updated on all the FUN things that are going on! Emails are sent by Kara Mendez.

Bible Learning Adventure Story Time (BLAST)

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Here are Group Publishing lessons created especially for families to do at home while schools and churches are closed.

We will add another lesson each week.

Video Lesson-“Empowering Courageous Kids” are interactive video lessons that guide kids and their families through meaningful experiences and discussions focused on Jesus’ miracles, demonstrating how his power pulls us through times just like this.

Each lesson is created to reveal how Jesus’ power is bigger than the emotions kids are facing surrounding the Coronavirus. Lessons address the fear, loneliness, uncertainty, boredom, worry, and anger that kids might be feeling. Kids will discover how to manage those negative emotions through empowerment and thankfulness. And by exploring Jesus’ miracles, kids and their families will see how Jesus’ power will help them overcome this time of fear and uncertainty. 

Lesson 8: Jesus’s Power Live in Us

Lesson 7: Jesus’ Power Brings Hope

Lesson 6: Jesus’ Power Helps Us When We’re Lonely

Lesson 5: Jesus’ Power Takes Action

Lesson 4: Easter Sunday-Jesus’ Power Means we Don’t Have to Fear

Lesson 3: Palm Sunday-Jesus’ Power is Unexpected

Lesson 2: Jesus’ Power Calms Our Worries

Lesson1: Jesus’ Power Calms Our Fears


Atonement offers Sunday morning programming for children age 3 through Grade 5.

Kids BLAST is designed to help children get to know Jesus through the Bible in fun, creative ways. Teachers create a loving, safe environment for children to help them grow in friendships with God and each other.

BLAST is available during all year and is located in the Educational Wing. Our school year begins in September. Children are excused in the beginning of the 9:15 & 10:45 a.m. worship services. Parents are always welcome to observe their children’s classes. Friends and guests are welcome, too!

Children may join Kids BLAST classes at any time during the year.

Children are excused for their classes in the beginning of the 9:15  and 10:45 a.m.worship services. Parents and other adults are always welcome to accompany their children to help them feel comfortable.

BLAST Offerings 

For the 2019-2020 School Year, our Kids BLAST at Atonement Lutheran Church will continue to collect donations through our Chuck the Duck ministry.