There area many ways to be involved at Atonement–both within our congregation and serving our community!

At Atonement

OneFest–Our annual family-friendly music and vendor festival.

Altar Guild–Help our worship space ready and beautiful for worship.

ABCDHelp on building and grounds projects around Atonement.

Social Planning–Help out with our excellent hospitality!

Creative Ministries–Join our active knitting, quilting, and prayer shawl groups!

Click here for other regularly-occurring social gatherings


We participate in many ministries to help our local community including All Peoples Church, our partner church in Milwaukee, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Center of Waukesha, and much more.


We are deeply involved with Fair Trade (coffee, chocolate, tea) distribution, Lutheran Word Relief quilts, school kits, health kits, layettes, etc. We also support over 35 children with scholarships to attend school in Tepeagua, El Salvador. More infoIMG_1513